Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over the weekends

Last weekend, a group of my b-ball buds played in the BYU-I 3 on 3 tournament. This was my third time playing in this, and I wanted to win SO badly! We ended up winning every game in the tourney, and were pronounced champions!

Each member of the winning team got to pick a college team t-shirt for their prize. I picked Syracuse, and gave it to Matty for being sucha great fan :)
UCONN is #1!
Thanks for cheering me on lover!
Cree and Mikey came to Idaho over their Spring break. I have been dying to go to Chuck-A-Rama [it's like a better Golden Corral] forever! So on St. Pattie's, we hit that place up!
Cute Mikey!
The other Taylor's and the Ash's! The Ahs's were twinners!
I love all of yall!


Edy said...

Where were those basketball skillz at the ranch, Fool?? J/K! :)

Terry and Kelci said...

Awesome! Congrats on winning....and we love Chuck-O-rama as well :)

Julee said...

I loved the pictures of you "shooting" or is it "SHOOT".
Congrats to you and your team,looks like yall had lots of fun.
Matt should record a game or two. =)

AllyM said...

i misssss you.