Monday, July 22, 2013

Cali Trip!

In June we traveled to Los Angeles with our best friends, Bryan and Monica! We have ALWAYS wanted to go on a trip with them, and it was A BLAST!

Trip highlights:
+AMAZING Cuban and Indian food
+Eating at Denny's every day for breakfast. We also had THE best waiter, Danny, at Denny's, too!
+The beach
+Price is Right
+The "I'm from Idaho" voice
+Cheesecake Factory
+20 questions game on the drive to Salt Lake
+Memories with our best friends!

*I do have to say that one of the best parts of the trip was when we were driving back home to Idaho and we each went around and said 2 nice things about everyone. It sounds cheesy, and it was. :) 

Hopped off the plane at LAX...! 

The first thing we did was head over to Newport Beach. The water was pretty cold, but not as salty as I was expecting. We were ready to get ROCKED by some waves. Monica and I went out super far into the ocean! So fun!
I was the boogie boarding champ that day. 

This picture was snapped the following day at the same beach right before all 4 of us almost drowned. Here's the story. We were on the way to the beach, and I was looking at my phone to see the weather for the day. There was a strong rip tide warning for Newport beach. We were all like, "SWEET! The waves are gonna be sick!" So we get there, and all head out into the water. 

Sidenote: Monica's sis and bro-in-law met up with us at the beach. 

So the 3 boys (Matt, Bryan, and Jarom) headed out with their boogie boards. We were all playing in the water, then the strongest currents started pulling us out to sea. It was so crazy because you would try to stand, and the sand would just get sucked from beneath your feet and it was almost impossible to swim. With the waves crashing into you every 5 seconds+getting tired things started to get scary. Monica, Jarom, and Bryan were a lot further out than Matt and I were. Then, I saw 2 lifeguards sprint into the water towards us. I was thinking, "Phew! We are going to get rescued!" But no. They swam past us towards Monica, Bryan, and Jarom. Then, I start straight up freaking out because I'm thinking that they must be in really big trouble if their passing us up to go save them. So I start bawling which doesn't make it easier to get to shore. Slowly, we finally made it. The lifeguards helped the others to shore and we were all a little tired, shaken up, and scared. 
We just built sandcastles the rest of the day. :)

On a more fun note, we ate Cuban food...which is Bryan's absolute favorite. That stuff that looks like poop was actually SOOO good. Ropa vieja!

We'd come here once a week for sure.

Of course we had to hit up Ross after dinner!

The next day, we went to a taping of "The Price is Right!" Here's a short summary:
Monica got no sleep the night before and we had to be there at 6AM.
We waited in line from 6AM-1PM! Monica started feeling really sick from lack of sleep and was puking most of the time we were in line. It was so sad.
Matt did really well in the interview part where they choose the lucky contestants so we all thought he was going to get called up. But none of us got called up to be on the show.
Matt was voted the best dancer award after the show, and he got to go up on stage for what he thought was a cash prize...but it was actually just a XXL T-shirt. 

This was Monica sleeping between her puke sessions. Poor girl. 

After Price is Right, we headed to the Hollywood Strip to watch a taping of Jimmy Kimmel. Sadly, we were too late and missed it. :( 

Us on the Hollywood Strip. Lots of weirdos there.

The Santa Monica pier was sooo packed with people. We took a quick pic, bought cotton candy and a churro, and got out of there.

Bryan was not impressed with his churro.

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