Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Golden Brithday, Matty!!!

Matt's birthday is not until the 27th, but we celebrated a little early because Cree and Mikey are in Hawaii this week. Lucky ducks!

 I made sure to get golden decor because this was Matt's GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! A golden b-day is when you turn the age of your birth date. So Matt will turn 27 on the 27th! I threw a little birthday celebration for Matt at our house. We played games, ate pizza, and had oreo pie for dessert. Matt's party was definitely a success, and thanks to everyone who came over!!

Matt's cousin, Marc and his wife, Tia.

Matt's brother, James, his wifey, Sadie and their cute baby, Briggs!

Briggs LOVED the balloons! 

Matt and his longtime friend, Ali.

Our BFF's, Bryan and Monica

A poster (we are obsessed with the show, Breaking Bad) and a new red hat from James.

New Oilers hat from Ali.

Marilee and Ali are getting married in a few weeks!

Don't look too happy guys!

We all played a Matt Jeopardy game. There were all sorts of questions about Matt. The Ashe's were the winners. I bought some gift cards to give away as prizes to make the games a little more intense. :)

We also played a game where you put 10 ping pong balls in an empty tissue box and the first person to shake all the balls out of their box wins. It was HILARIOUS! Mikey was the winner.

Justin Beiber always has to be at Matt's birthdays. It's a Texas family tradition. When Matt saw the napkins he asked if my mom bought them for him lol!

Matt and his lil bro, Mikey.

Presents from the Ash gang.

Mikey bought Matt a Cardinal mask. The AZ Cardinals are his fav NFL team.

Next month, Matt's parents are taking all of us on a cruise. The cruise tickets are all of our b-day presents this year. Matt's mom and dad wrote 10 things they admire about Matt. 

My Texas family will truly appreciate this picture of me. I have suffered from chronic itchy ears my WHOLE life, and this is what happens when they itch haha.
I bought Matt: Itunes gift card, headphones, clothes, trash service (we have been dropping off our trash at Matt's work for the past 2 years so it's SO nice to have it at our house) and new golf shoes.

My mom bought Monica this shirt last time she was visiting us. Monica loves Sailor Moon and we always joke about how nerdy it is. She loveddd the shirt, Mom! Like a little too much... ;)

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