Thursday, July 18, 2013

Edy+Gavin's Wedding

We took a trip to Texas in April for my aunt's wedding! Before we took off to Houston, we spent Easter in Idaho with the Taylor gang at James and Sadie's house.

Mikey (Matt's little bro) and Tam (Matt's mom)

Our sweet nephew, Briggs

Then, it was off to Texas. A family gathering wouldn't be the same without my little cousins, Devin and Randy, dressing up in drag.

Edy chose me to be her matron of honor. Since I couldn't be there for her bridal shower, I threw her a family wedding dinner/party. It was themed after one of Edy's favorite movies, "The Sound of Music." I had everyone bring some of Edy's and Gavin's favorite things to display and give as gifts. 
The list for Edy was:
Edy's favorite things people brought: Promised Land Chocolate milk, Casa Ole green sauce, Ulta gift card, Forever 21 gift card, Snoopy snow cone machine, Sweet Valley High books, Care Bears, Gummi Bears, and Trix Cereal. 
Gavin recieved: Butterfingers, Which Which gift card, and a delish cookie cake that said "Havin Marie is our favorite." Back in the day, when Edy and Gavin were first dating, T9 text didn't have the name "Gavin" so it would always type out "Havin" and it just stuck. :)

When Edy and Gavin walked into the party, the whole fam greeted them with a choerographed Harlem Shake dance. Then, they walked inside with a room full of Sound of Music things and the movie soundtrack playing in the background. 

Papa brought a few letters Edy wrote him when she was a little girl. They were pretty funny. 

My Granny, Aunt Edy, and Papa

I also got to visit my BFF's! Love these guys!


Edy's dads walking her down the aisle at the rehearsal. 

E+G's rehearsal dinner at Cafe Adobe. 

All of the bridesmaids. 

A lot of people at the wedding said we look like sisters. I can KIND OF see it here....

I loved getting to be by Edy's side on her wedding day! Absolutely loved it!!!
At the wedding, I gave a toast, and Matt recorded it. It was kind of payback for Edy always picking on me growing up, but it was written with love :) You can watch it here:

My Uncle Michael and his fiance, Sarah! They're getting hitched in October! So EXCITED!

Cousin Nik Nik, her two girls, and her dad, Randy. 

My mom and Lillian (my 2nd cousin)

My cousin, Lisa and her boyfran Jason

Cousins!!! And Matt.

Uncle Randy and his fam.


This is my FAV picture of my mom.

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