Monday, March 30, 2009

3 boys and a girl?!?!

Ok so I don't know if yall have heard about the necklace baby predictor test. Well what you do is you put a necklace with some sort of pendant that dangles from it over a girl's wrist. The necklace will move certain direction back and forth if you are having a boy and the necklace will move in a circle if it's a girl. You can even do it to women who have already had children and it gets it right every time of the order of kids and how many they've had. We did it to Tami and it moved in a cirlce (for Chelsea), stopped, moved back and forth and stopped 3 times for each of the three Taylor boys. It was crazy. AND the necklace would only move when it was over someone's wrist. I was a little skeptical at first, but the person holding the necklace kept their arm and hand perfectly still. So I had to try. It said I will have 3 boys and 1 girl! I'm not totally banking my future on this necklace baby test, but I thought it was really interesting. My mom has ALWAYS said that I'm going to have 4 kids so maybe she's right! I guess I will continue the Briggs/Taylor family curse of basically only having BOYS. jk it's not a curse =]
So we shall seeeeee...not anytime soon though lol!


tellepa said...

I think you would be WAY IN THE FUTURE NOT NOW a great Mom to boy's. You have all the great athletic skills that I so clearly am lacking. That will be great for a boy mom. Now I always wanted only girls but I couldn't imagine loving a girl more than I love Connor. He is so awesome and so different from Bethany. Fun to see!

Briggs Family said...

Oh Rachel we will see if it is true here shortly. I've done the same test and I'm living by it. I had 3 boys and a girl. I'm depending on it so the end of April we will see. I hope it is true:)