Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor...total let down!

So if any of you watched the Bachelor finale last night it was absolutely rediculous. The Bachelor, Jason picks Melissa, and proposes. She says yes. She was my favorite girl from the beginning of the show partly because she is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader! So at the "After the Final Rose" after show, Jason claims that he no longer has feelings for Melissa, and decides he wants to be with Molly (the girl he didn't choose at the finale show) Molly still loves Jason so she gladly accepts. He never even gives Melissa a reason why he doesn't have feelings he just says over and over how he has to follow his heart. I thought Melissa handled herself very well, and put that fool in his place. I hate the Bachelor and I won't ever watch that show again...even though I probably will! lol! I just hope this Thursday isn't ANOTHER re-run of The Office, and they show a new episode already!

The not even cute, Bachelor

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Edy said...

This season has been full of spoilers. I knew since the beginning that Melissa would get the ring b/c of a spoiler website. Check out www.realitysteve.com. He said back in January that the break up with Melissa, ask Molly for another chance thing was going to happen. A lot of the season seemed "planned"...