Monday, March 16, 2009

Laptop crash

Sooo sadly my laptop is no longer working, so no posts till Geek Squad fixes it. I am SO happy that my mom bought a 3 year warranty for my computer. That laptop has survived a lot: battery acid spilling all over they keyboard and several trips from Texas to Idaho.
However I do have GREAT news! One of Matt and James' friends, Johnny is letting us live in his HUGE townhome for 4 months in the summer for only $325 dollars a month! Johnny sells security systems every summer with his wifey, and they are letting James, Matt and me live there for really cheap. That way, they save money on their mortgage when they're not even living in their home for summer, and we don't have to spend every penny we earn on our current $625 a month rent payment and groceries. It's perfect! I wish it was more of a permanent arrangement, but it saves us about a grand! Woo hoo!

The townhome we will be living in this summer!!


tellepa said...

That's cool that you have a flexible lease. Your apartment seems like a nice place to live. When we got married we were crammed in 365 square feet and it cost $365. That was all we could afford so we made it work though!

Will you be able to find a place to move back to in the Fall?

I need to have Donald back up the computer, I keep reading about too many scary crashes!

Love ya!

Tory and Lindsey said...

Oh wow i love that town home and it is sooo close to us just right down the road!! I loved hanging out w you guys last night and playing some smart ass!!! lol even though i totally suck:-) we need to play some settlers we even have the mormon version it is pretty funny!!! we are always down so call us!!!

Edy said...

That is an awesome summer deal! The place looks super cute. Good thing you live in Idaho because $625 is freaking cheap!!