Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots of fun things!

This post is a little spread out over last month and this month. Mikey got his mission call to the Argentina, Neuquen mission! He is giving his farewell talk at church this Sunday, and we are all driving down to the MTC in Provo next Wednesday to drop him off. It's going to be a very sad day. Mikey will be learning Spanish in the MTC, and he is happy that he gets to learn that language. I have never been to the MTC before to drop off a missionary, so it should be interesting. All of the boys in Matt's family (8 of them!) have all served missions all over the world.

At the grandparent's house after Mikey got his call
Mikey opening his mission call!!
We LOVE BOWLING! Bowling is one of our favorite hobbies (even though we are horrible at it) A few meeks ago we went with our friends, the Morley's, and the Mofrad's to an arcade/bowling place. Of course, Matt and I lost... Here is a picture of all 6 of us. The couple on the left just got married this past weekend in Boise!
Ali, Hailey, and Dan
Amanda and Ali!
For Valentine's day I bought Matt what he loves...sugar! I do not know how he doesn't have diabetes yet. I also bought him Batman Begins on Blu-Ray. It's a movie that he always wants me to watch, but every time we watch it I fall asleep! It's a way good movie though, and it leads perfectly in to the Dark Knight! Matt bought me (really us) an Xbox 360. Valentine's day treats!
Checking out the treats!
Settlers of CATAN!! Ok yall this is seriously the most fun game ever! It's a little expensive, but if you see it, BUY IT! It is so addiciting, and every time you play it's different. Our friends come over like every weekend just to play this game, and we also play every Sunday at Matt's parents. It's a lot of trading and strategizing to build "settlements" and "cities".
My two old roommates Mary (curly hair) and Nicole came to visit me and Matt a couple of weeks ago! Mary lives in Provo right now, and she just got accpeted to BYU! I am so jealous! I have known Mary since 2nd grade, and we were roommates for almost 2 years. Nicole is Mary's cousin, and we all lived together for the first 4 semesters of school. Nicole HATES all types of games, and she lovedddd Settlers of Catan, that's how much fun that game is!

Mary and Nicole playing street fighter.
Nicole and I going snowboarding with Matt a year ago.
Mary and I sledding in Provo last winter!
This weekend Matt and I took a trip down to Salt Lake! One of Matt's friends bought us tickets to the Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets basketball game! We stayed with one of Matt's mission Companions, Trent and his wife Eliza. They got engaged a week before us and got married a week before us, and we went on almost the same cruise! They are sooo cool, and we love visiting them. I don’t know why, but we didn’t take a single picture with them!
Some things we did in Salt Lake: Jazz game/we went shopping for Matt ( he has not bought any clothes since he got home a year ago from his mission!) That was so fun for me picking out clothes for him!Going out to eat with the Guzy’s/Driving through a blizzard, and the wind shield wipers freeze…super funPlaying Settlers of Catan! Trent and Eliza had never played before, and we got them hooked!

Walking to the game!


This guy was HILARIOUS! He had an old school John Stockton jersey and did REDICULOUS dances throughout the entire game. He even got to dance with the cheerleaders during halftime! He was so weird and hilarious.

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It does look like you are having loads of fun! It is so great having good friends, and fun adventures.

Love ya!