Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nee Nee Jo

My Great Grandma, Josephine Sorter, passed away today. She was the nicest lady ever. My dad would take my sister and I down to Corpus Christi to visit her and my cousin Chelsea in the summer time. Nee Nee would take us to the beach and cook us delicious food. She would even let Chelsea and I sleep in HER bed. I told my dad a few weeks ago that when I go to Houston next week I HAD to get a picture of Nee Nee, Grandmother (Nee Nee's daughter), Aunt Kim (Grandmother's daughter), Chelsea (Aunt Kim's daughter), and Kollin (Chelea's son). That's FIVE generations that were alive at the same time. I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to take that picture. Luckily, we have a lot of home videos of Nee Nee. One of my favorites is of her giving Chelsea and I baths when I was about 3 and Chelsea was 4. When it came time to wash our private parts Nee Nee would say, "Rach Rach, let me wash teenie weenie!" That just cracks me up. I love you Nee Nee and I know you're having a blast up there :)

Sis, Nee Nee, and me
Chels, Me, Sis at Nee Nee's
All of the great grand kids
All of us now
Cutest picture ever of my sis and I!

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Julee said...

Nee Nee Jo was a very special person that I will always hold a place in my heart for. She was so funny but yet "tried" to be hard on the kids to make sure yall made right choices. She could cook like nobody I know and you better eat everything on your plate too. I remember going to visit her with you and Dave and she made him feel just as welcomed as if he was her family. I will never forget her voice when she said "Rach Rach" or she would get onto Chelsie for something that the both of you should of got in trouble for and you would not get in trouble. Teenie Weenie is classic Nee Nee Jo! I love you Nee Nee Jo and know that you are in a better place now with our Heavenly Father and will help him do his work in Heaven. Rest in Peace Nee Nee.