Monday, March 14, 2011


I have to document for our marriage's sake. Because I know 3 years down the road Matt will deny all of these events.

So, I've watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette since we have been married. Every season Matt gives me soo much crap about the cheesiness show.

But I've ALWAYS known that he secretly likes it despite his denial.

I woke up from a nap half way through the Bachelor Finale tonight. I walk out to the living room to find Matt and Murph watching it! Then, I see his status on Facebook: "The Heat are playing so I decided to watch the Bachelor instead. Rachel was asleep too. Is that okay?" I KNEW IT MATTHEW ARNOLD!

And this was the cherry on top. He and his friend from work were texting each other throughout the finale. They were so excited that Emily was chosen (apparently they've liked her from the beginning...)

So here's to you babe, for coming out of the Bachelor closet :)

Emily was my pick from episode one, and I'm glad she won!

Bachelor Emily picks in the end


Edy said...

That's so funny! After watching the finale, I don't get the feeling that Brad & Emily will ever get married. They seemed to have some major issues!

Matt said...

haha literally i was thinking the same thing. how can she hold it against him the things that happened on the show? didn't she think about what she was signing up for?

Matt said...

and this is rachel not matt lol