Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't judge me

There was this one time where my ma and I stood at the computer in the Apple store for 20 minutes taking weird pics on PhotoBooth. We were both in tears laughing, with the clerks wondering why their customers were crying.

These are some cute shots from tonight!

This is what happens when Matt leaves for 2 hours for accounting, we don't have couches, a TV, and I'm bored out my mind.

My favorite.


M&M said...

Mike and I have wasted many hours doing the exact same thing! Love it!

Edy said...

You are "special".

Julee said...

OMGEE!! This brings back so many laughs and look at murf murf too cute. Seriously Edith I wish you were there with us because you would of been peeing in your pants with us. It was one of those you had to have been there moments but SO funny. Nathan thought along with Matt that we had lost our minds. Rae, good job on those pics. My fav is the side view with the triple chin. Perfecto!!! Or the last one, that one is so weird. LOL