Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the countdown begin!!

Matt's brother, Mikey, comes home in NINE days!!

He has been serving an LDS mission in Argentina for the past two years.

I don't have any brothers, so this whole sending a missionary off was all new to me. We have written Mikey e-mails almost every week, and it's been exciting to hear about the peeps there. It's SO weird to think about when he gets home he is going to have no clue who Justin Beiber is! I can't imagine coming back to a world you have been out of touch with for 2 years!

Before his mission, Mikey would come over to watch reality TV shows, eat our food, and talk our ears off.(His favorite show being "Paris Hilton's: My new BFF" haha I will never let him live that down!)

We are so excited to hang out again!

Matt's 2 brothers and grandparents.

See ya soon!

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Julee said...

How exciting the Mikey is coming home!! Have fun and tell him I said hi =)