Thursday, April 28, 2011

Craigs List

CL's is amazing first and foremost.

If you didn't know, we recently moved into Matt's parent's old house in Rigby (15 minutes away from BYU-I). When we moved in we quickly realized we had nothing to fill an actual house. These were the essentials that needed purchasing ASAP:

-Washer & dryer
-Kitchen table/Chairs

Being the bargain hunter my mama taught me to be, I looked to Craigs List. My goal was to spend less than $1,000 on everything. Call my Ty Pennington, because I beat my goal by $190!

Here's a few pictures of the gems we scored via Craig's List.

Only the mattress is from CL's. I was a little sketched out by buying a mattress used, but they used a protective covering and it looked very clean.

Those chairs are ghettooo. Probably my only shopping regret.
Love seat

I know Matt is going to hate me for putting another sleeping picture on here, but isn't this hilarious??


AllyM said...

dang girl. im proud of ya.

Lindsey said...

Yay that is so exciting you guys just need to fill all that space with a little raetay!!!!

Edy said...

Sweet Craig's List finds! I found our bar stools, my desk chair, and our breakfast table on CL. In college, I bought tons of stuff from there.