Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Moose are more dangerous than bears. Remember this fun fact as you read this story.

My inlaws just moved to this gorgeous house out in the middle of nooowhere.

You can hear the rapids from the Snake River from their front door, so Matt, Mikey, Tami, and I decided to go look at the river. Mikey, camera in hand, wanted to practice taking some nature shots while on our trek. As we were headed out to the woods, we saw at least 5 piles of moose poop. I'm thinking, "Oh crap, we are entering their territory." I seemed to be the only one actually worried about coming upon a moose, so I just held in my fears and kept walking.

Then, I hear this growling sound. I freeze and ask if any one else heard it. Then it came again, but it was just the sound of a dirt bike. So now even more scared, we come to this fence...
Tami asks, "Should we keep going?" We did. Matt and Mikey were about 10 feet in front of Tami and I walking down the trail. I kept me eyes peeled because there were a lot of places moose could hide around us! Then I see it! To the left! Oh crappp. All of the episodes of "When Animals Attack III" and "I Shouldn't Be Alive" flash before my eyes! I yell at Matt and Mikey, "There's a FREAKING moose right there turn around!" I think they thought I was joking and kept walking. I, on the other hand, had turned around to walk away and still yelling at them. They see the moose, Mikey, takes a picture, and we run away. If I wouldn't have seen it, we would have walked probably 15 feet right next to it. And probably all died. Well, that's what would've happened on Animal Planet. :)

This is the moose. This picture makes me mad because it looks like the moose was a mile away!
It was taken with a wide angle lens which makes it look so far away. I promise it was close haha!

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Edy said...

That house is GORGEOUS!!! Are they getting ready for grandkids or something? Why such a big house after their kiddos are all grown? You guys better get busy!