Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rachel's ABC's

I stole this from you, Alex!
Here's some facts I'm sure you're dying to know...

Age: 21

Bed Size: King. HOLLAAA! I think after sleeping on a full sized bed for the first year of our marriage and then the past 8 months of sleeping on an air mattress, we deserved the king.

Chore you hate: Laundry. Gosh darnit, it's just a never ending cycle! No pun intended.

Dogs: We own a Chi-Weenie named Murphie Lee. Our dream dog is a blue great dane.

Essentials to start your day: A bowl of cereal with 2 ice cubes in it. I love me some cold milk.

Favorite color: Lime green is pretty rad.

Gold or silver: Both.

Height: This is a sensitive subject. I am technically 5'9 and 3/4". I wish I was 5' 7" so I could wear heels and not look like an Amazon woMAN. But I should just be grateful that I have legs.

Instruments: Played the piano for like 5 years. Then I picked up the cello in 6th grade, which made me forget how to play piano. Then, mom ran over my cello backing up out of the driveway. With that disaster all my music abilities were crushed. The recorder was my most recent musical endeavor. That is literally the hardest instrument to play.

Job title: Student. Photographer. Wife. Soon to be teacher.

Kids: Maybe later? Maybe sooner?

Live: Rigby, ID

Mom's name: Julee Christene Tate

Nickname: Rae and Bahoi (Pronounced like "Boy" but with more of a quick "ah sound)\Please do not ask. Edy, Dave, Matt, and Mom are the only ones who get this. It's embarrassing. My mom always calls me this. I have no idea why. In the middle of the mall I will hear, "Hey, Bahoi, do you like these shoes?" I try not to make eye contact.

Overnight hospital stays: One time where I almost died from food poisoning. I puked so many times, it made my heart murmur come back from 7th grade extinction.

Pet peeve: The sound of people smacking their gum.

Quote from TV show:
Howard: Who is Josh Groban?!
Sandy: Who is Josh Groban?! Kill yourself! He is an angel sent from heaven to deliver platinum records unto us. And if he were here right now, I would club you to death with his Critic's Choice Award. -Glee Season 1

Right or left handed? Right

Siblings: One half sis, Taelor.

Time you wake up: Well now since I'm off for the summer...around 11:30 or 12. You know how old people wake up early? Ya. I will be the only old person who doesn't do that.

Underwear: Yes I wear them?

Vegetables you dislike: Carrots. It has the same texture as coconut when chewed and I hatee coconut. But I love coconut snowcones.

What makes you run late: CraigsList and Blog stalking.

X-rays you've had done: Almost all my fingers, ankle, back, brain MRI, and wrist.

Yummy food you make: cajun chicken alfredo and orange chicken

Zoo animal: Dolphin.

That is all ladies and gents. If you read my blog, DO THIS! I love to read your facts!


Edy said...

I love random facts posts! I need to do this on my blog for sure. Remind me to measure you next time you are in town. By then, I am sure you will be about 5' 6". It changes all the time! Your nickname is the worst by the way!

Edy said...

I forgot to comment on the fact that you don't wake up until NOON! I don't think I have slept that late in like 8 years!