Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm a little stressed right now. So, in order for me to sleep, I have to make to do lists or I think about everything all night.

And all I can think about is that I have to play the recorder in front of my music class tomorrow with two hilarious girls. This is going to be a legit disaster!

My semester:
-Science Exam 3/1 (literally can't tell you 1 thing about the class)
-Men's Choir Concert 3/5 (a requirement for music class)
-PRAXIS 3/12 (have to pass this to student teach :/)
-Teach Sunday school 3/13
-Student Portfolios due 3/17
-Mikey comes home!! 3/23
-Teaching Resume' due 3/24
-Savior of the World Concert 3/25 (another requirement for music)
-Literacy III test 4/1 (have to pass to student teach)
-Last day of school!! 4/8

I can do this...

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