Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh snappp

So...I can officially be a part of my Texas family.
Let me preface this statements by telling you about them and their phone addictions . They (Edy, Michael, Julee, Dave, Dad, Sister...everyone) are ALWAYS on their phones playing Scrabble, Facebook, Words With Friends, etc.

They used to give me so much crap when I was in high school about texting, and now I can't get them off THEIR phones (and you alwaysss deny it lol!) And now they make fun of me for having a ghetto, old school flip phone.

I like T9 ok!?

Well, Matt got me a smart phone for V-day. Sooo now family, I can be like you.
That is all.

Just watched the new Lady Gaga and I'm pretty sure they showed her giving birth to an alien??

The new edish.

1 comment:

Edy said...

Cracker, you know you are on your new smartphone 24/7 now!! So glad you left the dark ages and joined our current world!