Sunday, May 1, 2011


We had our friends/family over this weekend. After throwing around game after (Farming) game to play once we ate our delicious (tootin own horn) homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes topped with cheese dinner, we remembered that we have a pool table in the basement and decided to have a pool tourney.

A bracket and rankings were made. It was legit.

At the beginning of the tourney, Bryan said, "I know I'm just going to win this by everyone scratching." Yes, that's precisely what happened. Literally all of us scratched on the 8 ball and Bryan was crowned victor.

I have to say that the most frequent quote of the night was, "MONICA, you're not even looking at the ball!!"-Bryan

The champ with his bracket and wife and Justin Beiber.

Victory dance.

Mikey (bro in law), Cree (Mikey's gf?), Bryan, Monica, Us

SUCH a strange photo. Look at Mikey and me, then look at all the chaos in the background. LOL.

On Saturday, we went to Chili's with these lovely peeps. Then we got Cold Stone, and snuck it into the movie, "Source Code." None of us were sure quite how it ended, but I guess it was a good movie?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite!! Ya know sometimes we live on the spontaneous side... Love, Eliza and Trent

Edy said...

The best part about this post is you sporting our reunion t-shirt!!!