Sunday, May 15, 2011


Me: "Mom.... Mom! I don't feel good."
Mom: (Screams. Then realizes it's me) What's wrong?
Me: Explains symptoms.
Mom: Gets out of bed to get medicine/other things to make me feel better. (Mom then literally spoons the medicine into my mouth)
Me: (Brings blankets into mom's room to sleep on floor)

This routine happened OFTEN (to the T) while growing up. I always was getting sick. Either that, or I would do this on Saturday nights so I wouldn't have to go to church on Sunday. Lol! Sorry, Julee. My secret is out.

Mom didn't always make me feel better, but she had the medicine and love to help it. The first time I've ever spooned up my own liquid medicine was when I was married. That was a challenge.

It's 4:15 a.m. right now, and I'm sick. I try to wake Matt up but he rolls over. I say out loud, "I feel like crap." He's out cold. It's ok though, Matt :)

I'm not a mom yet obviously, but I've tuned in more to the fact that I want to be a nurturer to my kids just like my mom. I really believe that if every kid in this world had a loving mother, it would be a more peaceful place. There are some characteristics that are best exemplified through the actions of a mother. I know getting medicine is a small example, but it showed me love and how to be there for the ones you love even if it was 2 am, and even though I might have been faking it. :)

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Julee said...

This has to be the funniest post you have ever done Rae!! Yes my secret is out...yes I knew you were faking it on Saturday nights because somehow on Sunday afternoon you were ready to roll. The "mom" "me" part was right on, word for word screams included. You never had a problem sleeping on the floor "your whole life" you missed that part not just on "sick" nights. I miss taking care of you when your sick and stepping on you in the middle of the night. Love you boo!!!