Friday, May 6, 2011

Word to my Motha

Since Mom's Day is coming up I decided to give a shout out to my mom.
Here are some fun facts about why I LOVE my mama and pictures to go with them!

Julee and me about to go shopping! Our favorite hobby!

We literally drank 25 pina coladas on our cruise to Mexico. The biggest bill at the end of the cruise was from our drinks! We will definitely repeat this trend at our family reunion in Cozumel this summer.

She takes care of the missionaries like they're her own sons. She cooks dinner for them EVERY Sunday!

Julee likes to drop it like it's hot.

If air hockey was a sport, she would go pro.

Her food is THEE best.

Julee (besides Matt) is the most ticklish person I know.

She made me go on scary roller coasters at the age of 4. She taught me how to stand on my tippy toes when they measured me to get on the rides. We had season passes to Astro World like very year!

Julee was a blush diva back in the day! Look at that shirt ooo wee!

We LOVE soft blankets.

She is a gangsta. We LOVE YOU CHULEE! Thanks for being the best mom on planet earth.
I hope you love your gifts!!

And here's two videos taken at my house in Texas.
They will make you laugh. As you can see on the video on the right Devon LOVES to have his picture taken. I miss my fam so so much!

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