Monday, May 16, 2011

Rachel's Raves

I love these things. They'll make you get crunk.

Old Navy: The Rock Star Denim Leggings. Ally introduced me to these life changers. SO comfy. I'm actually wearing the dark blue ones now! They look just like a jean. You can find them HERE. AND they are on sale!

INSANITY. Ok I'm not going to front. I've only done the cardio abs CD, but it's GOOD! It's an abs workout without having to do sit ups. Sit ups make me dizzy, so this is perfect for me. There's a guy that sells the entire Insanity workouts set in the original box with a nutrition guide for $45 including shipping. I can send you the link if you're interested!
Oprah's Farewell Season. Need I say more? Amazing. I have grown up with this woman!

Asparagus. I have never tried asparagus until last weekend. I LOVED IT! I just sprinkled some olive oil and a little bit of salt, baked for 10 min. DONE! Tasty!

Forever 21 Biker Shorts. Just long enough to cover my back leg cellulite. I bought the black ones found HERE.


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Julee said...

I love your first picture! Too funny=) Oprah is going to be SO sad on Wednesday. You were raised watching almost as much Oprah as I did. One thing that she said years ago was "do the best you can" when raising your children. Well I have to say you turned out PERFECT. Luv her =) (and Oprah too LOL)

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